I seldom post my photo around for the sheer reason that I’mΒ shy not photogenic. So for today I’m forgetting a little bit of that shyness and posting this shot I took from the elevator last summer. lol. The kids and I do this a lot, we pose before the elevator’s wall mirror and I’ll shoot with my Iphone or a cam, whichever I carry.

I’m wearing a favorite dress here. I’ts a floral knee-length H&M dress I bought for less (70% off! @9€ or less than 500Php). I have this knack of being at the right shop at the right time you know. πŸ˜‰ Β I get my dresses either 50-70% off all the time.

Β Β Β Β 

I seriously need to learn how to photograph dresses, lol. Sorry about that! This dress has a combination of fuchsia and light pink poppy flower design just perfect for summer. It’s made of chiffon which makes summer heat a bit more comfortable. Designed with ruffled mini-sleeves, a V-neck collar and garterized waist that hugs one’s curves (which I don’t have), this is really a nice find.

This piece is also easy to handwash. Will surely see this one often this summer.


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