quinsIt’s still summer technically but discounted sales are everywhere at the moment. It’s not just the summer collections on sale as I have noticed sales on autumn and winter collections too. I’m not complaining though as everyone loves a good bargain.These sales are actually quite timely since there are ladies thermal vests, leggings, undies and socks all on sale. I’ve been meaning to stock up on shirts and vests for ages as mine are currently a little loose.   I guess that means I shed some weight which is always nice!

I like wearing thermals so I don’t need to wear thick sweaters. Thick sweaters seem to make me look chubby which isn’t good. A thermal shirt/vest with a not so thick pullover and a jacket on the other hand is much more slimming. It removes 5 kilos worth of fat from my overall look at least!

Thermal leggings are good too. They work really well with skirts and boots and are very comfortable. I don’t like wearing jeans so I tend to make sure I have enough stockings and leggings to wear for the entire winter. Maybe if I lose about 10 more kilos I’ll consider wearing jeans again, but until then I’ll stick to leggings.

My daughter loves thermal socks often hailing them as heaven. She has this unusual habit of wearing socks all day and night. We even fight over it as it’s summer and can be quite hot! I‘m hoping she’ll grow out of it but what with the colder months approaching I think she’d be happy for even more thermal socks! 🙂