Last summer’s home vacation was not all sunny and smiles. We lost hubby’s grandmother, the one he grew up with most of his life. Lola was more than 80-years-old. She was really a toughie as I remember, she’d go shopping alone even at that age.

We helped mom-in-law in boxing the things she left. She’s 80 so we expected a lot of things have accumulated and it has. She also often travels to the US and other countries so she had 2 cabinets full of clothes and accessories, tons of lace cami bra, bags and shoes. We have no need for most of these, take the blue  tummy control swim suit she had been hiding in her drawers, it’s all new with a tag…I would have love to have it but the size is well, way too big for me. ^_^ It ended up at the box to be given away.


There was also a new plus sequin size dress that I like, I asked mom-in-law to give it to me because I have a tailor friend and I know that she can alter it for me. I’ve yet to contact her because she’s been busy with her work lately.

I unpacked a box that we came home with just last week. There’s a lunch bag purse there that looks like this one in the photo (can’t find it at the moment). It’s a kiddie bag yes, but for lunchboxes…dawty said she’d want to use it too when we go out.

There are still so many stuff we savaged mostly those with sentimental values. But really, lola has so many klumpert and klamotten we weren’t so sure what to do with them then.

You know lola lead a happy life, she was also generous to her kids and grandkids but in the end it still is true, you can’t take anything you accumulate in this world anywhere else.