After spending the week in suits, tight skirts, and stilettos, it would be so refreshing to spend the weekend in more relaxed outfits. But, it does not mean that you have the license to throw on your ratty college sweatpants and forget about the way you look. There are ways to look nice and casual for the weekend without having to wear stifling clothes.

Try a simple cotton v-neck tee and women’s cargo pants. Slip on a pair of sneakers and you are good to go wherever you need to go for your weekend errand. If it’s a little bit cold outside, you can simply put a jacket or a turtle neck on top of your tee. Your sneakers can also be replaced with a pair of boots. For an afternoon out with the girls, you can perhaps wear a bolero or a scarf on top of your shirt and wear a pair of comfy sandals.

cargo pants

That’s the beauty of this t-shirt and pants combination. It’s so versatile that you can mix-and-match your look in many different ways. Have several of these pants in your closet and you are sure to pull-off a variety of looks for that perfect weekend relaxation that you need.

When you shop for your women’s cargo pants, you have to pay attention to the materials, the cut, and the fit. The most reliable brands will give you wonderful choices that are made of high-quality materials. Choose your pants on the basis of how they fit – try them on and look at yourself in the mirror. It should not be too tight or pinch the body in any way. Remember that you are looking for a relaxed fit that is comfortable for you to move in.

Although you have to pay maybe a couple of dollars more for these branded clothes, the comfort and fit that these clothes can give you justifies the additional cost.