I once wrote that it is a must to wear pretty, proper underwear in case an emergency happens and I’ll say it again.  We know that cheap underwear doesn’t necessarily mean ugly undies…there are reasonably priced ones that fit nicely, have lovely color and would go well with many of your clothing. It’s not just to look nice when wearing just them but it serves as a foundation of what you wear over them. It is an especially common mishap to wear undergarments without thinking of what they might look like from someone afar.

For starters, wear skin tone when wearing sheer color. If you’re wearing white, wear skin tone still as going with white would make it more obvious. Know your skin tone well, nude for lighter-skinned while brown or tan for darker-skinned women.

Wear undies that fit. If it curls up around the waist, it’s sadly time to buy a bigger size. If the underwear sags then buy a size tad smaller.

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Make your assets seen, hide your flaws and cheat a bit to make a sexy look. Body-shapers or booty-lifters help one be more confident in how he carries herself. Thongs are great if you have bootylicious assets…what most of us women would probably ask for if we find a genie in a lamp. ^_^ If you have some extra rolls to hide after giving birth, try slimming pairs that can control the buns. If you are not so blessed as Pamela Anderson, you can always use push ups and padded brassiere for some fuller look.

 Most importantly, avoid peek-a-boos.  Choose a low cut knicker when you’re wearing low-waist jeans. If you go low-waist, avoid bending down for all to see what it looks behind you. ^_^If you plan to do that, make sure that what you’re showing is something pleasant. Just what I stated above, wear pretty, proper underwear in case an emergency happens …in this case, if you have to bend or sit down. 😉