Welcome to our humble abode. This is how our kitchen looks like on days that I’m not devastating it…I mean not so busy cooking and baking. This is me viewing it from the door. You’ll see our breakfast nook, bar chairs for the little ones, a shopping trolley and whatnots. This is what I can call orderly. ^_^ This was not the original plan we had for the kitchen. We had wanted to put a corner table or one of those gorgeous pub tables we saw at IKEA by that window. It was to save space in the living/dining room or actually make the living room much bigger by removing the table. Thus, we opted for a counter top and counter stools.

foldable table

One may think that bar tables and stools are just for restaurants and pubs but there’s more to that function. Bar chairs and tables can now be used at the comfort of your home. To make your kitchen more fashioned to your taste, you can choose from a wide-range of design, color and finish. One table I was eyeing was similar to the photo above. This adjustable folding table matches our kitchen counter top. The seat cushion is tailored also to match the frames. Since the leaves (sides) are adjustable, it can be handy to fold away when not in use. Practical and fashionable!


Our living/dining room.