Separation and divorce are emotionally draining processes for couples to have to go through. The couple involved, doesn’t find it in the slightest bit easy, not even the kids if they have any. So have you heard about Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis being separated after 14 years of being together? Oh, and I love these two!

Reports say that Depp will pay Paradis off £100million  to keep the split as amicable as possible for the sake of their children Lily-Rose, 13, and Jack, nine. With that amount, she can surely take her mind off the emotional turmoil caused by the separation – she can go spend time off on vacation, buy herself the anything the amount of an anniversary gift that Johnny ever gave her or whatever she fancies.

vanessa paradis johnny depp

Unfortunately, not all divorcees and couples who separate had that big an amount of money stashed somewhere. It is mostly unlikely too for their friend to have that much amount to help. But sometimes, when a friend is contemplating or actually going through a separation, a listening ear who they could confide to is truly a helpful thing. Being there simply, spending time with them while undergoing the decision would mean a lot. They will likely need  an ear to listen about what they’re going through or a shoulder to cry on. This will help them ease the pain of feeling alone.

Not being a feminist or anything to that niche but most of the time, women had the harder time moving on. Cheering a friend up is out of the question. To steer one away from thinking about the emotional turmoil, you can ask her to go out with you to have a lovely time together.

Buying flower gifts for her might be a nice way to cheer her up even for a short term –  flowers, be it roses, tulips, lilies never fail to bring a smile. They can have many different connotations, so you will need to be careful about picking the right ones for the situation (assuming that recipient is aware of the symbolism behind certain flowers!). It is best to know what your friend’s favorite flower is to cheer her up even more…

There’s a wide range of gift ideas you could certainly choose from but just being there for her as a friend is more than enough.  She might want to talk about it in depth so the best you you can do is listen. If she wants to talk about anything other than the divorce, then it is best if you become a storyteller…reminisce good times without touching on the topics regarding the relationship she’s moving away from.

All that being said, even if Paradis is getting a lot more what a thousand bouquet of flower is worth…a good friend, a good company, a listening ear, some laughter would help ease all the pain away.