Them being silly.

Playing pretend is one of the things kids enjoy. To be their most watched superhero; Superman, Batman or Spiderman at one point in their childhood is a sure thing. I remember my now 8-year-old boy once went through a phase where he would always wear a cape…those cloth diapers that we actually use as facial towels of sort. Not a day won’t pass by without him donning on a cape – even in his sleep. ^_^

Vienna, as most European cities celebrate Faschingsfest every second month of the year and Halloween just before All Saint’s day. This is when most of the shops sell pirate costumes, superhero attires, princess dresses plus those wigs in different colors and whatever silly things you could think of. Though we don’t participate in the celebrations, we have those wigs at home too for our photobooth business. Above is a photo of them playing with two; a blue Katy Perry inspired wig and a red afro.

Fancydressball pirate

Kids Halloween costumes from Fancydressball

 As I said, playing pretend is fun for kids, I think for adults too…there’s cosplaying to prove that. I am quite impressed at those who can make their own outfit inspired by characters in an anime or their favorite movies and video games. It’s like bringing them to life, both characterized and well-dressed too.

But not all are gifted in sewing or coming up with a decent costume…that’s when online shops come helpful. There are more Halloween ideas for your family available at http://www.fancydressball.co.uk/halloween-costumes.htm. You can always get them earlier or buy one for events that require your little one to get dressed and be a princess, a pirate or a bear — in a play for example. Which reminds me that I need to look for a cat costume that my daughter need for a dance performance of Cats. ^_^