With the weather going from 1° to – 5°, dressing up in layers is but a natural thing to do. I’m not one to be fond of wearing lots of clothes; I prefer a long-sleeved shirt and a really warm, padded jacket. But for the sake of being fashionable I tend to also wear a cardigan over a top especially when it gets much colder than usual.

Since I became a mom I donned mostly dark-colored clothes whether summer or winter. For winter, I have in my inventory black cardigans, brown dresses, petrol shirts or maroon long-sleeved blouses. That’s very much the opposite of my daughter who wears everything colorful.  Well, I buy her clothes anyway and hopefully when she’s older, she will stick to that kind of fashion and be inventive unlike me.

For a change, I’d like to buy these two cardigans I saw online. They match my daughters’  pieces that I bought some time ago, the gray would fit an ensemble of white and baby blue and I got a dress to match it up with.


This blue knitted and wavy make is really eye-catching. My daughter gets compliments from her aunts when she wears hers —  a bit of plain colored blue but styled just the same, it looks good on her especially when she’s wearing it over skinny jeans.

If I have that free time I would surely knit her some more of this kind. So far I’ve only made her beanies – in different color and one that matches her blue cardigan. She loves this one even though she told me to not design it with a flower, I still did and I think it looks good on her anyway, what do you think?