I’ve long been looking for a down-jacket that’s a bit glossy (don’t want it too glossy). I want it not for me though but for my daughter. 😀


I started looking when winter started and my prospects were from Benetton and Name it, both way over my budget…So I waited a little more and I’m glad my patience paid off. I found this purple jacket at H&M for half the price — 17,50€ (24$) A real steal!

My daughter loves this piece because it really makes her warm…so she said. I also gave her that purple beanie. It was actually mine, yes, I love purple too but the beanie fits her better…I think my head ain’t meant for beanies. ^_^


She wore this purple jacket most of the time alternating her red parka. Goes nicely with fitted jeans, skirts or dresses as it goes a bit lower than the waist. It was such a good buy as it matches most her dresses and stockings. 🙂

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