Well not the dress shirt for men…but this garment. I love checkered clothings, I have them and so do my kids. I bought this for my daughter as a winter shirt but since it’s a bit long for her then (we’re from a race with shorter legs transplanted in a city of tall people), it served as a long shirt-short dress for her.

This dress is of light green, gray, a bit pink and white combo…cotton material that makes it comfortable to wear. Made with  4 buttons up for easy wearing (daughter has a nicely shaped head so this feature is a big help), two pockets on each side of the chest and another two just above the hem, makes for a classic design.

It used to be just above her knee, boy I’m glad it’s shorter now, it positively means that she grew taller!

Second photo textured with Kim’s texture, silence….so far my favorite.


Zara dress shirt

Price range: 24€

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