A new survey shows that how you look during your job interview is just as important as how you perform on the day. With the recession hitting job availability hard, candidates need to get everything right to ensure that they snap up that vacancy. Women who have the right credentials need to look at their wardrobe before it’s too late, and avoid beauty slip-ups.

What is The Worst I Can Do?

Turning up with chipped nails is surprisingly the worst sin you can commit in the eyes of your potential employer, and as you shake their hand, your nails will become very obvious. It takes 30 seconds for an interviewer to decide whether they like the look of you – simple beauty malfunctions can make or break your job application. Whereas chipped nails indicate nervousness, split ends show that you are lazy, so get a trim before your interview.

Smudged mascara is also a huge no-no, signifying a party-loving attitude, and fake tan hints at a jetsetter. The beauty editor of Debenhams, Sara Stern, who implemented this survey, warned against wearing too much make-up. Something bold, like bright red lipstick, may make you stand out for all the wrong reasons – the study found that this could make you seem overconfident.

On the other hand, too little make-up can be damning also. Your employer might make negative assumptions about your lack of conformation to general beauty norms, sometimes coming to the conclusion that you must be an emotional wreck.

If you do wear lipstick, make sure you check your teeth before your interview for any lipstick marks, as this can seem careless. Also, blend your foundation perfectly – if you leave a strong line, you could be accused of having little attention to detail. Invest in beauty salon equipment & supplies to help you distribute your make-up evenly.

Wardrobe Malfunctions That Could Cost You Your Job, fashion

As much as we might wish we had one (big love for Marilyn Monroe), a drawn on fake beauty spot may set off alarm bells in your potential employer’s mind. This can be taken as an indication of dishonesty or a fake personality.

Perfect Every Time?

If you’ve mastered your make-up palette, it could make your interviewer wary. Immaculate make-up can make your interviewer worry about the security of their job and they will suspect that you mean business. The best way to apply your make-up is by opting for a very natural look.

Get the Natural Look

Here’s how to look fresh-faced on your interview day: clean up any previous make-up with remover. Moisturise and apply foundation gently and finely – remember to get under the jaw to avoid foundation lines. To cover up bags or discoloration under your eyes, add an extra three dots of foundation and blend. Use concealer on any problem areas.

Pick two neutral shades of eye shadow: these can be gold’s, browns, silvers…apply a light shade over your lid, up to the brow-line, then use the darker shade to outline your crease, and blend together. Finish with pencil eyeliner, mascara, and a neutral lip colour.

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