Tips In Choosing The Best Women’s Ankle Boots


Women’s ankle boots are considered to be more stylish and convenient to wear compared to the usual knee high boots. This is the reason why it is commonly worn by fashionistas and women who are updated with the latest fashion trend. These cute ankle boots are typically paired with a chic Parisian look. Aside from the fact that they look unique and classy, these ankle shoes are also easy to move around. This makes them ideal for parties, clubs, and other occasions that involve dancing.

Tips In Choosing The Best Women's Ankle Boots, ankle boots
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Unfortunately, these ankle boots do not go well on all types of women’s wardrobe. Because of this, it is important for ladies to know certain tips in wearing these boots to make them look flattering to their legs. Some boots could make the legs look shorter and wider if they are worn improperly or paired with the wrong type of outfit. This is the reason why ladies should work with their proportions, body shape, and height in order to make these boots look flattering once they are worn. Here are some of the important do’s and don’ts when it comes to buying or choosing the best ankle boots.

Always Measure or Scale the Boots with Your Legs

It is advisable for you to always scale your boots with your legs, feet, and ankles to choose the perfect one that is appropriate for your size. If you have full legs, it is advisable to stay away from stiletto heels since this will make your legs look stiff and bigger. Aside from this, if you have delicate or small legs and angles, wearing platform boot heels is not recommended since it will make your legs look like twigs.

How to Make Legs Look Slimmer, Sexier and Longer with Ankle Boots

It is always necessary to match the boots with the color of your pants or bottom. Black or dark ankle boots will always work best with dark blue leggings or skinny jeans. It is also advisable to avoid wearing boots that are contrasting to the color of your pants or bottom. This will visually cut your legs in half and will make your look shorter. It is also important that the bottom of the pants in tapered around your leg so that the hem will look straight and slim when it is tucked inside the boots.

Choose Boots with Minimal Design and Interest

Wearing boots with a lot of straps and buckle will make your feet look large and heavy. Because of this, using boots with sleek zippers are recommended in order to provide a slimming effect. Aside from this, wearing boots made of leather or any matte material textures is advisable to help make the size of your feet look slimmer. Shiny fabrics and materials have a tendency of making your feet look wide and expanded.

Consider the Proportion of Your Outfit

If you are wearing a short skirt, then it would be best to wear a boot with a tall shaft. Wearing a long skirt with a taller shaft will make the legs look short and chubby. This rule also applies with shorts and as well as dresses. All in all, wearing ankle boots will always require you to know your body shape and size. This is very important in order to wear boots that will flatter your body.

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