From Postcard Fondness

The Photo above shows the Heritage Hotel in Manila, sent by Aliz’ friend. This particular infrastructure is one that I’m familiar with since I take this route back in college whenever I had to go home on weekends to our humble abode in Cavite. This is also  where my older brother would work later on – particularly in a PAGCOR gaming arena before being transferred to the Tagaytay branch which is nearer our place. Kindly visit and leave some comment to this entry if you haven’t yet.

I am also a postcard collector — and back in 2009 I started a meme called Postcard Perfect which showcases Postcard-worthy photos, those that friends and I took and would love to print as postcards. It went on a hiatus for some time. I decided to revive it and be placed on its own domain since last year, so if you have photos that are postcard-worthy, share it with us, click the badge:

I created this badge to match a stamp and I used a photo of the restaurant Do&Co which is situated in Vienna’s first district. I also used it as my City Daily Photo blog‘s header — click here to see the bigger version. I can’t remember why I chose to use a brown background for the stamp but maybe it is to match the umbrellas in the photo.