From Mum-writes

Hi everyone! I took on a herculean task…to revamp all my blogs! ^_^ The week and the one before that was not so light I wasn’t able to post a Brownies entry…but today, even if it’s a bit late, it’s still Thursday on our part of the world.

Anyway, in relation to the photo above, I’d say I’m a dog person. Some Brownies (please don’t shortcut with two letters, doesn’t sound so good lol)  post ago the featured entry was that of a beagle…I just have a soft spot for them. So above is a book titled Nurturing Paws…a story collection of poems that give tributes to our pets. I think I should contribute get one  of this since I still remember most of the dogs I had as a kid. ^_^



I was supposed to use brown for this blog’s background since this is the home of Thursday Brownies but I decided to use brown for my recipe blog already…so pink it is for Vanity 101. Kindly visit my recipe blog by clicking the photo above. Thanks!