Sale season is not yet over…must be the economy, what say you? ๐Ÿ˜€ ย This small clothes shop in Fรผrth was having a 50% sale on some of its items (hanging by the door) so who am I to say no? ย (We visited mom-in-law, related story here.)ย I did browse about the rack after taking a photo of the charming entrance. teehee. Had I the money to splurge I will, but I don’t so I got me just this one dress…of course, in brown.

I’m still not confident to show myself here lol…probably if I lose 10 kilos more! (Take note: I lost 5 kilos but 2 kilos came back after 5 days of spending vacation with mom-in-law and her hubby.) She doesn’t like her cooking interrupted so I just wait for her to finish…we eat and chat for an hour more – since she doesn’t want her washing the dishes interrupted either, I got nothing to do but make myself bigger lol.

I bought this piece for 50% less plus 10% less minus 5Euros more since they said that it has a little defect on it…I bought it anyway seeing that there’s very little to repair…see the strap with a tear on the left shoulder? That’s all, 3 stitches and it’s ok to wear! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sorry for not posting last week, schedule didn’t permit me much to blog…next week I’ll be adding a featured post, randomly picked from all participants. Link up and Thanks to everyone!

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