Sun protection products are all over the market especially during the hot summer season. People are more conscious of the how extreme heat of the sun can cause damage to the skin that’s why they search for the best UV Sun protection that they can use for themselves and their family. While most people go for products based on the SPF rating on the label, it is not usually just about that. Sunscreen in general is actually different than Sun Protection Factor of SPF. Here are some pointers to remember when using sunscreen so you can maximize the product instead of letting it go to waste.

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Sun Protection Factor or SPF

SPF rating should not be merely based on the length of your exposure to UV rays. It is also about the radiation you will be exposed to. Early morning or early evening UV radiation is much lower compared to UV radiation from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. And even if it’s a bit cloudy, there is still UV radiation so be sure to get some UV protection especially when going out.

The Higher, the Better

Generally speaking, the higher SPF rating the better it is for you. Higher SPF gives you better protection against sun’s harmful rays. Yet you should only use the right amount of sunscreen on your body. The recommended amount is 2mg per square centimeters. Anything less than this is not good and if you use more, it will only be wasted.

Reapply Accordingly

Sun protection fade fast especially if you are engaged in a lot of activities under the sun. Reapply regularly, every two hours is acceptable but it depends on your activities. Apply more often if you are sweating a lot or if you are swimming.

Kids and Sunscreen

Kids need sunscreen more than adults especially if they are going out with you under the harsh summer sun. They have more sensitive skin so you can find sunscreens that are formulated for babies and kids. These products practically contain the same ingredients but they have different concentrations and are made milder for their skin.

The 15 Minute Rule

Many people head out into the sun or the sea soon as they’ve applied sunscreen. It is important to let sunscreen dry or allow it to be absorbed by your skin first before exposing yourself under direct sunlight. A minimum of 15 minute wait is a prudent action to ensure that you are protected from the sun’s harmful radiation.


Among the many common problems that people experience when exposed to UV radiation and too much sun is sunburn. If you have pale or fair skin, this should not be taken lightly. Studies show that constantly getting sunburn can increase the risk of skin cancer. You may find remedies and treatment for your sunburn, however, protecting yourself with sunscreen and with appropriate SPF, you can avoid getting sunburn and save yourself from the hassle, pain and inconvenience that comes with it.