Who does not love to shop for clothes? Although some (mostly men) might disagree, there really is such a thing as retail therapy. How often you go to your “therapy sessions” will be quite obvious with the size of your wardrobe. Admit it or not, you only succeed in packing your closet to the brim with clothes that will lose their novelty and value in a few years or maybe even in the next season. When you shop for clothes, you have to be sure to invest in a few key pieces. Just as holding a 1oz gold American eagle would be much more valuable than a wallet full of dollar bills, your crisp tailored jacket from Burberry will be a much wiser use of closet space than a bunch of discount office wear that lose their shape after a few washes.

It is time to pare down your closet and make room for better wardrobe choices. Investing in fashion does not have to be a one-shot deal. In these hard times, you might not want to blast your pay check on a shopping spree. You can certainly build your wardrobe of better quality clothes over time. These three tips can help you invest in clothes that keep their value over time:

1. Go for classic cuts. You definitely do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a designer dress off the season’s runway and end up not wearing it more than once because it is too flashy. When you invest in fashion, do so with classic styles that you can take through several seasons by switching up your accessories or complementing clothing pieces.

2. Choose the best fabrics. There are specific fabrics that are best suited for particular pieces of clothing. Choose the best one for the article of clothing that you are buying. Stretch fabric and cotton are great for t-shirts for everyday wear but definitely not for the “stars” of your wardrobe.

3. Pay for quality. This is true in the world of fashion. If you want better than off-the-rack clothes, then you have to stop looking in department stores and start searching in specialty stores and designer shops. Even if you are willing to invest in your key fashion pieces, there is no harm in keeping an eye out for discounts and promos in these specialty and designer shops.
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