There are many expenses associated with weddings and many more headaches if you don’t know where to start saving money for your big day. Naturally, the bride will handle the majority of planning the special day, but she’s left one important item up to you; getting a tux for yourself and the rest of the groom’s party.

It may be unimaginable to you but making sure the wedding party suits all match is important to the bride. Of course your duties won’t stop there but let’s begin with getting you a wedding tuxedo.

A new trend emerging in the world of weddings, proms and formal parties is tuxedo rentals. Believe it or not, there are companies out there that realize a tux is the last thing you want to spend a lot of money on. There are other more important things you may want to spend your hard earned money on; like the honeymoon.

tuxedo setsCompanies give you options for tuxedo styles and will assist you in getting fitted and measured. They will also ensure everyone in the wedding party is matching one another.

One simple way for you to ensure this happens as it should is to set an appointment for a tuxedo fitting and get everyone there for that appointment. This way the groom’s party is part of the decision making process and no one can say they didn’t know an important detail come the big day. It will also help ensure your best man isn’t showing up in a navy suit when everyone else is wearing black.

Surprise your bride with other money saving ideas for your big day now that you have the wedding tux rental handled.

For example it might be up to you to plan the honeymoon. Contact a local travel agent instead of relying on the online booking agencies that promise the best rates. A local travel agent has access to non-advertised specials arranged by her and the accommodating destination. Set your budget and let the travel agent handle the rest.

Transportation is another key factor to any wedding. Will you want to rent a limo or perhaps a town car with a driver? Reservations should not be left until the last minute. By pre-booking your transportation you save money.

First things first though, get your wedding tuxedo rental reserved and make sure your wedding party gets theirs. The bride will appreciate you taking this off her plate.  

Sydney Spence