pradaredWhen I was younger, platforms are part of my usual getups. I don’t mind having leg muscles, I find them attractive. I used to have some pairs that I’d alternately use. Some of them were not as comfy as the others but they definitely did what purpose I have – to make me look taller. ^_^

Aside from adding extra inches to one’s height, better platforms (not too high and flatter) are actually much better for one’s health than pumps or ballerinas. (It has to do with  the arch support.)

You do know that when choosing footwear, it is necessary that your feet feel fine in them, don’t you?.  Personally I tend to sacrifice appearance over comfort. Take this red Prada rattan wedges. Isn’t she cute? The back of this particular model is much elevated than the front, experts say that such puts pressue on the wearer’s metatarsal bones. 🙁 Despite, I’d be happy  to have this.

Experts  recommend performance pumps for daily use. Performance pumps offer a sound compromise, putting both fashion and your health into consideration. They are typically made with reinforced heels, athletic appeal and more space for your toes.

Having said all that I still would want a pair of prada shoes whether as platform, comfy pumps, thong sandals or heel slide. The only wedges that has remained with me is the one below, a pair of skechers beige rattan wedges with purple and lavender beads. I’ve been using them a lot as you see the marks just below my toes. I’ve had them for 3  years now but sturdy as they are, been using them until now, and summer is here so there would be lots of wear for this pair. 🙂



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