How to Rock Shorts this ‘Cool’ Season



Fickle-minded – appropriately, this is how the weather is to a woman deciding what to wear – in winter. Winter, it has been an odd one lately, with hints of spring already although it’s still 2 weeks to go. Well, it’s but natural to feel as though you’d want to get out of those layered clothing and into the sun. And what piece of wardrobe would best represent summer but shorts. So to get a feel of better days ahead, take out those shorts stacked behind the closet and show off some legs even in this “cool” season.


Get boyish, ox-blood corduroy shorts then pair with ankle-boots or your good ol’ DMs, a knitted top or marled sweater and you’re good to go. Throw in a pair of sheer stockings to not chill while walking out. My trick, I wear double stockings when I feel like the wind would be gushing that day.


They are one of 2013’s in thing, cut offs are particularly the trend. Pair off with a checkered shirt, tights and boots for that girly look.


Need I say more? How about getting up with sheer stockings, overknee boots and chiffon top perhaps? It’s edgy and girly at the same time, it’s all about mix and match to pull off this look.

How to Rock Shorts this 'Cool' SeasonTweed

Being thick as a material, tweed are best to choose when the weather gets much colder than usual – that is if you opt not to wear pants. ^_^ A tight shirt, belt, tights and a pair of heels or mary jane platforms if you may to get that dapper look.


Plaid suits are adorable, or any short suits for that matter. I’d go for  plaid shorts and a long matching jacket or a plain trenchcoat. This look goes well with heels but flat ankle boots or overknee boots would give you that fierce factor statement.

Consider mix-matching scarves, gloves and other accessories that will keep you warm when it’s below zero. Or not… coz remember, we sometimes need to sacrifice a bit of what we call comfort for the sake of fashion, here it calls that we let a bit of the cold seep through our skin. What do you think?