At Christmas, you will be visiting all sorts of friends, family, and celebrating with co-workers. You’ll want to look your best, but this will unfortunately coincide with weeks of indulgence. To feel at your most beautiful this Christmas, you’ll need to get smart about your choice of clothes. You’d be amazed by how the right dress can slim inches off your waist. Dress thinner for Christmas and feel fabulous all the way until New Year.

Simplicity is Everything

Embellishments can draw attention to all your problem areas. Instead, stay simple with block colours and well-tailored lines. Black is famously slimming, but you don’t have to look as if you’re constantly in mourning to feel amazingly svelte. Although the little black dress is never wrong, you can experiment with brighter colours, as long as the outfit doesn’t involve huge ruffles or patterns.


 By accessorising your outfit, not only are you showing your mad style skills, but you are distracting people’s eyes away from your figure to your wrists and neckline. Instead of staring at your wobbly bits, they will be admiring your gorgeous bracelet.


Drop your necklines to create elongation in the body. If you don’t want to bare it all with a jaw-dropping cut, choose the lowest V-neckline that you feel comfortable wearing as it will give the illusion of a slender swan neck and expose a hint of cleavage.

How To Look and Feel Fabulous This Season!


We can get completely absorbed in what’s on the outside, without looking to the garments underneath our outfit. If you aren’t wearing the right underwear, you will create lumps and bumps that don’t need to be there. Routinely get measured for your bra size. Bras that cut into the flesh look horrendous, as do pants (especially thongs) which are a size too small.

For special occasions, try out body-slimming underwear. This will help smooth out your figure, leading to flawless curves with no hillocks.

The Right Size

Don’t be afraid to go up a size. Clothes that are too small for you will accentuate every flaw. Conversely, clothes which are too big will make you look frumpy and heavy. Go for curve-skimming dresses in your size. If in doubt, it’s best to leave a little extra room for all those mince pies this festive season!

Get Your Shoes Right

High heels are great for slimming thighs and making you appear taller, but you should avoid ankle straps – you want a seamless transition between your leg and your foot because that strap across your ankle makes you look shorter. If you have a wide foot, stay away from strappy sandals as they make your feet look gigantic, but for those with slim feet, a sandal can be a sexy addition to your wardrobe.


Always go for dark jeans with high pockets, as these are the most flattering. Although every different body shape requires a different style of jeans, those who want to create balance to their figure should go for slightly flared trousers, such as bootcut.

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