For a family of five and with growing kids too, budget allotted for clothing sometimes get cuts down or worse, totally spent on other necessities. Though this mom has always claimed that she’s at the right place at the right time when shopping, she learned that there are  other great ways to save.

Know when to shop. That’s buying stuff for summer during winter inventory sales and buying for winter during summer inventory sales.

Use coupon codes. There are a lot of coupon codes and discounted items from/of brochures and online newsletters from frequently visited stores that one can use. Try discounts at CouponCodes4u. They have coupons for a wide-range of items, from books to home stuff, from baby stuff to gadgets and a lot more.

But since were talking clothes and shopping, I suggest Endless coupon code – they offer discounts on favorite brands.There are traditional coupons that one can clip from printed advertisements but doing so could eat up a lot of time and if you have to buy a paper or a listing for it then you don’t really save that much. Sometimes, there are items too that you don’t really need.

Ebay, Amazon and Company. There are a lot new items on these sites that you can get for half the price or lesser. And if you bought something that doesn’t really fit you or the kids, you can also sell them there.

Scout for deals. I love deals and how I get to discover wonderful restaurants serving good food. Get a professional haircut for 80% the original price, visit a lovely city for 3 days at a hotel with breakfast for the price of a day and more.

I’m sure you have a lot of tips on saving up and budgeting. I would love to hear them too. Comment away!