Shopping for jewelry is much more convenient when done online. The internet makes it easy to find specific pieces of jewelry that simply may not be available at local brick and mortar stores. In fact, precious metals and stones are available for sale at online stores. Such shops have official certifications that guarantee the authenticity of different expensive pieces of jewelry that can cost in the thousands. Shoppers can also buy more affordable jewelry such as pieces featuring pearls.

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A pearl is not exactly considered a precious metal as it is made of organic material that is derived from marine wildlife creatures known as mollusca. In fact, pearls are the former shells of these aquatic animals that swim at the depths of the seas. Therefore, pearl jewelry can vary widely depending on its origins. Different oceans and seas yield variations in pearls.

Pearls are available in a myriad of various shades that usually fall into light and dark spectra. The lightest pearls have a pure white color while other pearls can be pitch dark. The variations in color are comparable to the different textures of precious gemstones such as diamonds and birthstones. Finding out about the Pearl Source is an example of exploring online jewelry stores that sell pearls.

Pearl jewelry is often combined with other materials such as gold and sterling silver settings. For example, a bracelet can have dozens of pearl beads that are set on a thin wire covered with 14K gold or 99.99 percent sterling silver. A black pearl necklace is an example of a piece that is made of exotic shell components. Pearl necklaces can also be composed of different colored ones, just like pictured here.

Pearl beads also vary widely in luster, also known as reflective properties. In general, pearls are not studied under the microscope for quality evaluation. The naked eye can provide a fair evaluation of pearl beads. In other words, there isn’t any hidden structure within a pearl that needs to be further examined.

Some exotic pearls may even have golden textures that resemble high quality gold material. A simple scratch and chemical test can easily confirm whether a piece is made of real jewelry or not. Therefore, golden pearls are rarely combined together with gold settings. Pearl beads are traditionally used for the jewelry of girls and women. Men’s jewelry rarely integrates pearls into a design. Only dark colored pearl beads may sometimes be used with other masculine metal alloys in men’s jewelry design.