Have you ever heard of Ashly Corvington, Christina Ambers and Kimbra Hickey? You’ve probably seen them or at least parts of them in Maybelline, Shiseido, famous shoes and handbag print ads. Hickey is the hand model holding the apple for the Twilight book while  Ambers is dubbed as the Heidi Klum of foot and hand models. Corvington’s hands are the most that you’d see around. As IMBD puts it: §Walk through any store and you can see Ashly’s hands all around – from the product packaging for Betty Crocker and Hamilton Beach to brochures for Nextel and AT&T. Turn on the TV and you can catch her hands picking up bottles for Pepsi or opening cans for Campbells Soups.”

Theirs are the best in close-up photographs for ads including hands since they have flawless skins. They give their hands extra care, to use a hand cream that keeps them moisturized throughout the day has since been advised and they’ve religiously followed. (For this reason, the previous post about my hand will not make me a hand model.lol)

(photo of Corvington’s hand, credit:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/aphotogroove/2899565481/)

It’s somewhat an advantage that we got a dishwasher at home, I seldom wash the dishes and when I do I put on my gloves to protect my hands from further damage especially from harsh soaps. Do this and your hands would surely love you. Whenever possible wash your hands but use mild soaps then put on lotion every time…to moisturize. It is also important to wear high SPF sunscreen on the back of your hand as you would on your arms and legs even in winter. Also, as mentioned two posts below, take your vitamins, especially Vitamins C&E, Vitamin B Complex and Omega-3s. Who knows, by doing so you’ll be a hand model too! 😉