Partying and got no escort? Snatch your most handsome buddy for a date! That was what an arm candy used to mean…but not anymore, arm candy can be all about the accessories your arm can carry! 😉  It of course follows that there’d be an arm party – technically, watches, bracelets, bangles and baubles worn together on the wrist. The term arm party came to fame via Man Repeller Leandra Medine when she used it as an instagram hashtag, thus, an accessories movement was born.

How do you throw yourself one? Gather your bracelet around and let’s see which fits which.


arm party

1. Rose Gold watches. I recommend Fossil and Michael Kors rose gold watches. They’re simply adorable. They would seem to be watches for special occasions but it’s totally fine to wear them for everyday, no one will complain!

2. Chunky Chain Bracelets. Juicy Couture’s chunky chains with a toggle clasp are the ones I love most. They are easy to put on, goes about with everything – especially since it’s gold.

3 . Chain Bracelets.  You get to wear a lot of bracelets with a single lock! Very convenient. Chain bracelets are different from the chunky bracelet in that they are really smaller and bunched up into one.

4. Charm Bracelets. There are charm bracelets that are really charming, there are those that could be better with some more charms dangling. Like Fossil and Juicy Couture offerings which you can add up as much as you want, you have to of course buy the charms separately.

arm party, arm candies candy
1. Marc Jacobs wrapped cuff 2. Juliet & Company  Gold Cognac Chains Bracelet
3. Juicy Couture Chunky Chain bracelet 4. Michael Kors Clipped Bangles


5. Gold Cuffs. Marc Jacobs’ gold cuffs are the bomb! Check out the photo on the left, edgy but feminine!

6. Pearl Bracelets. You can go with any color you fancy. Pearls are appealing, can’t say anything more.

7. Leather Armbands. Black leather armbands goes well with gold. It’s all the more attractive when you have a black leather armband with gold accents in it. Hitting two birds with one stone!

8. Swarovski bracelets. Don’t miss out on the glitter. Throw in a pair or two of Swarovski crystal bracelets in and and let your arm shine…errr literally.

9. Bangles. Floral bangles, uni-color ones, clipped – whichever you choose, there’s one that you will definitely fall in love with and get to use more often than the others.

10. Wrap Watch. La Mer has created an extensive collection of wrap watches that you’ll love. Why not? It’s arm party all by itself, just one piece and nothing more. Check out below photo. ^_^


They say simplicity is beauty but that won’t be applicable for an arm party, I say; the more the merrier! So wrap up your arm whatever the occasion may be, it’s fun and totally appealing!