I’ve been meaning to buy a pair of over the knee womens boots since last year but I can’t find one design that  I like, those that I looked at either have really high heels or tough soles. As I often would, I browsed online and saw these pair from Macy’s.

Macy is undoubtedly the best place to shop for shoes, not only their plans to create the world’s largest women’s shoe department…their online catalogue is already a shoe empire.

These are Holden over-the-knees made of suede, probably not easy to clean but I’ll survive with that. The round-toe is a very comfortable fit for me, one not endowed with small feet. This pair also has zipper closure at the  interior side but not going up the knees so there’s very little chance that the zipper would get broken…I particularly prefer those kinds of boots.

Over-the-knee boots goes well with shorts and stockings when you’re up for a girly-winter look. I’m not sure if this model has a roll down upper leather which will make it look shorter if I decide to wear a knee-length dress or skirt. I would have preferred one with at least 1.5 inches heel…but I guess if this is anti-shock, it’s good.