For a curvy look – Optical Illusion Dresses

optical illusion dress jennifer aniston


Shedding off those extra pounds for Friday’s event is never easy. If you can afford then a wrap or an iLipo would be your go to but an easier way to look slimmer without shelling out precious bucks would be this – an optical illusion dress.

This dress comes in many colors and if you’ve been following Stella McCartney and celebrities carrying her signature, these dresses were a constant fare.

When worn, the contrast black paneling here will shave inches off your sides, giving you a slimmer look. The the curved waist shaping accentuates your waist by giving you more shape and would make you look more voluptuous.

It’s also a pretty piece having at least 2 different colors, makes choosing shoes easier too.
optical illusion dress liv tyler blue

Other variations of optical illusion dresses include this monochrome zig-zag dress worn by Jennifer Aniston (first photo).

There’s also the silhouette dress by Stella McCartney in blue on Liv Tyler as well as beige on Kate Winslet who probably has worn one in many events…In different colors of course.

In the last photo, Kate Winslet is seen wearing her illusion dress at the 68th Venice Film Festival on September 2, 2011 – this dress has 3 colors and is available in many other combinations. It’s all about fooling the eyes of the looker, but don’t worry – it’s no crime. Gone were the days when we choose a pure black ensemble to hide those unflattering areas.

Optical Illusion Dresses kate winslet

 It’s fun to wear a combination of colors in a one-piece dress and the effects of a thinner waist because of its make.

While losing the extra kilos is a more permanent solution, wearing illusion dresses during the process of losing weight is a good way to go. These dresses are now our go to…

Have you bought a piece yet? The illusion dress is one of the dresses good to invest on…